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Social Causes

Since its inception, DEN Networks has not just worked for higher profits, but has constantly strived for the betterment of lives of one and all. We have built our business by balancing social and economic considerations in every decision we make.

DEN i-Care and other Environmental Initiatives:

DEN believes in making lifestyle changes to protect the environment in the long term. Employees are encouraged to make small changes in their lives to reduce the negative impact of human actions on the environment and prevent overuse of scarce resources. DEN i-care is one of the ongoing initiatives undertaken to inculcate socially responsible values among all DEN employees by making them conscious about green environmental practices like saving water, using car pools, using energy efficient devices, recycling of paper and more, thus enabling them to make a visible difference to the environment.

Helping the less fortunate in Association with Goonj:

An initiative in this direction was - "Rahat Winters" and "Don't pack your unwanted clothes" campaigns in association with the NGO Goonj. This program involves clothes collection drives in the corporate office where all employees were encouraged to do their bit by contributing for the economically deprived.

Giving Back to Society

Relief through GOONJ

DEN in association with “Goonj”, an NGO that has highlighted clothing as a basic but unaddressed need, has worked towards bringing relief to the victims of natural catastrophes.
DEN with all its employees has actively supported initiatives by Goonj, like ‘Odha do zindagi’ and ‘Rahat’ through cash and in kind.

Being the Voice of Martyrs

For the bravery and courage our soldiers display and their own lives that they happily lay, DEN proudly supports “Voice of Martyrs Welfare Association”, an NGO that aims to bring to light, the struggles faced by a Martyr’s families to central and state government so that they can get the due support and respect they deserve as well as, provide all the welfare funds to those families that they possibly can. 

For the Athletes in the Making

DEN Networks has, over time, organized multiple amateur football tournaments across schools to encourage and bring forth the future of Indian football talent.Also to encourage promising swimmers, DEN sponsored athletes for their trainings and participation at national level professional championships.

CSR Contribution

Besides these initiatives, as a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, DEN Networks has supported and contributed towards causes by foundations like 3010 Charitable Rotary Foundation.

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